OCG Ruling For Future Custom Dark Magician Support

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OPjobethelegend 1 year ago - Edited: 1 year ago

"Dark Magical Circle" can add any card that is "Dark Magician" or a Spell/Trap mentions it. That being said, legally, you can create more Dark Magician monsters that can be searched by "Dark Magical Circle".

For example, lets say you create a Ritual Monster, named "Sorcerer of Chaos". In the text, you put: This card's name becomes "Dark Magician" while on the field or in the hand, Deck, or GY. 

THEREFORE, this card can be added by "Dark Magical Circle" since its name becomes "Dark Magician" because its NOT TREATED AS, which means you can have 6 copies of "Dark Magician" in your Deck, despite its card name becoming "Dark Magician" legally. 

So lets say you create "Sorcerer of Chaos" (Ritual Monster) and "Red Alternative Dark Magician" (Effect Monster). This how "Dark Magical Circle" would be able to add the cards:

"Dark Magician" = can be added by DMC, Servant, and etc

Sorcerer of Chaos/"Dark Magician" = added by DMC.

Red Alternative DM/"Dark Magician" = added by DMC.

SO BASICALLY THAT 9 COPIES OF "DARK MAGICIAN" that would be considered TCG LEGAL also. So newer DM support is NOT A LOST CAUSE. Konami are geniuses. Respect their time factor. DM tournament tier decks will be on the way!