"Super Magical Fusion" (Dark Magician Support)

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OPjobethelegend 1 year ago - Edited: 1 year ago

Super Magical Fusion (Quick-Play)/Effect:

During the Main Phase: Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that includes "Dark Magician" as material while you control 1 face-up "Dark Magician", using monsters from your hand, Deck, and/or field as Fusion Material, then, this turn if you Summoned a "Dark Paladin" monster, it can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each, also your opponent's Spell Cards or effects are negated. You can activate this card the same turn it was Set if you Summon a "Dark Paladin" monster. You can only activate 1 "Super Magical Fusion" per turn.

OPjobethelegend 1 year ago

Trivia: From episode 134. 

OPjobethelegend 1 year ago - Edited: 1 year ago

Additional card tips:

1. You can summon Quintet Magician with this card.

2. If you summon Quintet, you can easily mill DMG and the Palladium monsters for Soul Servant to draw 4. 

3. This card does not send to the GY which it can still be activated even if cards like Masked HERO Dark Law is on the field.

4. Super Magical Dark Paladin (Paladin retrain) can easily OTK with this card and Piercing the Darkness. 

OPjobethelegend 1 year ago

Meta Tier OTK is what DM needs. 

2-Card combo: Dark Magician + Swordmaster's Soul

1. First target Dark Magician; special summon Swordmaster's Soul from your hand or graveyard.

2. Use Swordmaster's Soul effect to set Super Magical Fusion and activate it to fusion summon Diffusion Wave Dark Paladin. 

3. Use Diffusion Wave Dark Paladin effect to add Piercing the Darkness to the hand and activate it.

4. Now, your opponents monster effects are useless and Spells/effects are negated while Paladin can attack multiple monsters with the ATK increase from Piercing the Darkness (your opponents LP = 0).